STS Student Travel Services SUCKS

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 1 comment

STS Travel is the WORST travel company.They do not follow through on anything they said that they will.

They LIE and tell you one thing and it NEVER happens the way they say it will. DO NO BOOK WITH STS. They are liars and thieves. They upcharge you on everything, don't listen to your requests.

They lie about the commission to you to get you excited and then do not pay what they said they would.

They will not put anything in writing so when you call their office you cannot prove what they told you over the phone.They are SCAM ARTISTS and do not work with them ever!



I agree with the above comment on STS.They do not do anything to protect the kids from the spring break scams that these resorts conduct.

It is better to book yourself and know all the details because STS just pockets the money and gives you no help.

I do not recommend STS to anyone.They are scam artists.

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